Monday, July 22, 2013

Bow Braid tutorial

Welcome back! This week's tutorial is on a bow braid.  Click here to watch it.

I will apologize in advance for the filming of this video.  My little sister was filming.....bloopers may be uploaded later on this week ;).  Anyway, I'll use the help I can get.

To start off, you'll need:
One hair band
One hair pin (not a bobby pin. but the wavy, open kind)

1. Part your hair to the side and do a small, simple French braid along your face.  Finish it off and tie with a hair band.
2. Slide the hairpin partially under the outside stitch, facing away from your face.  Take a little section of hair and twist it into the hairpin, pulling through most of the way so that it makes a loop. 
3. Pull the hairpin back out of the stitch so that the hair remains in a little loop.  Tug and spray with hairspray as needed.
4. Continue on until a few stiches before the hair finishes being added to the braid.
If this doesn't make sense, I apologize; it's much easier to show you in the video than to try and type out instructions :).
Thanks for watching and have a great week!
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