Monday, July 15, 2013

Katniss Braid

The Katniss braid tutorial is now live! Click here to watch it!

Now, if you remember how to do a Dutch braid like I showed you before, this should be no problem for you.  I can even do it on myself!
Items needed:
Hair brush
One hairband
1. Brush the tangles out of your hair, and part it to the side.
2. Begin by grabbing a small section of hair on the side of the part line that is bigger.
3. Braid the hair under the middle piece, instead of over like in a normal or French braid.
4. Add little sections of hair to the top and bottom strands as you go.
5. Tug the braid, with every stitch, toward the opposite side of your head.  Holding and braiding the strands of hair in this direction will cause it to braid around your head diagonally.
6. When you run out of hair to add, finish off the braid and tie it off with a hairband.

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