Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Waterfall Braid tutorial!

Hey everyone! I'm so sorry that I have not been posting on the blog recently, but my second tutorial is now up on YouTube! Watch the video here!

Waterfall braid:

You'll need:
A brush
a hairband

1. Brush all the tangles out of the hair, and part to the side.
2. Grab a chunk of hair near the forehead, on the side of the part that has more hair.
3. Braid over a few times to get the braid started, and then add hair to the topmost strand.
4. Braid over and tug the bottom strand out of the way.
5. Pick up a new bottom strand and use it for the next 'stitch' in the braid.
6. Add hair to the top strand and braid over again.

Once the braid goes as far as you want it to, you can either bobby pin it or continue a regular braid to finish it off like I do in the video.  Thanks for watching, and don't forget to like and subscribe!

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